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Koi Angelfish (Pterophyllum Scalare)

Koi angelfish and gold marble angelfish are two phenotypes that have comparable appearances. The distinctive distinction between the two is that only the top of the body, the area around the dorsal fin, and the top of the head are frequently orange on the gold marble angelfish, but the koi angelfish will display more orange across their entire body.

Black Ghost Angelfish (Pterophyllum Scalare)

Black ghost angelfish are occasionally mistaken for their closest relative, the black hybrid. The difference between the two is that Black Hybrid Angelfish will have a mix of gold and faded black scales, whereas the black ghost is jet black.

Pearlscale Angelfish (Pterophyllum Scalare)

Pearlscale angelfish is an appropriate name since their pure white body shimmers in light due to their wrinkly scales which reflect light. Albino angelfish do not have a scale mutation, in contrast to its close relative the pearlscale.

Zebra Lace Angelfish (Pterophyllum Scalare)

Due to their similar features, silver angelfish and zebra lace angelfish are sometimes mistaken for one another. The zebra angelfish has one or two additional black vertical stripes, whereas a silver angelfish has four vertical stripes.

Leopold’s Angelfish (Pterophyllum Leopoldi)

The leopold's angelfish, which belongs to the Pterophyllum Leopoldi genus and are the smallest freshwater angelfish, can easily be distinguished from other Pterophyllum species by two distinctive characteristics: a large black spot between the dorsal spine and dorsal fins, and an unnotched predorsal contour.

Altum Angelfish (Pterophyllum Altum)

Altum angelfish are the largest species of freshwater angelfish. They have three distinct vertical black and brownish stripes that easily distinguishes them from Pterophyllum Scalare. Additionally, true altums that haven't been crossbred with Pterophyllum Scalare have an incision on the ridge of their nose, just below the eyes.

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